The Words Of A Female Pakistani Poet- Yusra Amjad’s Story

Let’s give it a whirl
And understand the story of this girl,
In a society, where every girl feels trapped in a jail
She believes in creating her own fairytale,
Her writings are full of variety
She hails from a Pakistani society,
Success is the dream of every daughter
She is not ashamed of reading Harry Potter,
One of the most amazing Pakistani female writer
Nobody can stop her from being any brighter,
Once on being approached by her aunt
With an expression so nonchalant,
Who told her that it was time for family feeding
And she should quit this habit of reading,
By this the aunt meant
That wedding should be the next event,
The aunt meant that a girl should not have any choice
Which made Yusra Amjad raise her voice,
The aunt told her to tie a knot
However, Yusra had her own thought,
She had her own opinions and views
Now was the time for her to choose,
A poet and a writer based in Lahore
She surely knows what she is working for,
A young unmarried lady
She has achieved so much already,
All her writings for the readers act as a bait
She is the blogger at ‘The missing slate’,
Believes in cultivating cultural communities
Due to which she grabs all the opportunities,
Just at the age of 24
She has so much to explore,
Believes in the power of literature
Her fans die for her signature,
Her honest words converts into fables
She has managed to turn the tables,
Beautiful like a flower
Her words are full of power,
It’s every women’s dream
To shine and gleam,
She wants to be an exception
In the world full of misconception,
When things are difficult to cope
Yusra Amjad has become the ray of hope.

P.S – Yusra Amjad, the young independent girl taught me that one should always be proud of their choices, opinions, views, and decisions. The perception of the society should never affect an individual. Now, it’s time for me to feel proud of being unmarried at 23 and love my own self. 😉



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