Varun Agarwal – The one who developed the philosophy of ‘Don’t think’

He was just twenty
Had films in plenty
His one decision
Cleared his blurred vision
When he was in college
Nobody did acknowledge
His idea of video making
Was considered mistaking
Anu Aunty was the neighbor
Who thought it was a labor
He had no buddies
And his parents told him to focus on studies
Engineering was so unjust
He never had interest
He was full of fear
After failing in the last year
The opportunity knocked his door
The company called him to explore
In this time to choose
He came out of all the blues
Left the engineering field
Initiated his  own shield
Also developed his own outlook
Honest as a book
That thinking leads to failing
This was his detailing
Came out with an idea later
Founded ‘Alma Mater’
AR Rahman was the first man
Who became his fan
Now he has made strong foundations
Founder of 3 organizations
Also featured on ‘India Today’
Varun Agarwal is all set to slay
Author of a famous book
Which describes his outlook
It will be adapted into a movie soon
Which will make everybody swoon
‘Don’t think, Just do it’
All he has to admit
Apart from being an entrepreneur
He always makes it sure
To never give up on dreams
How hard it may seem


P.S – To listen to his story, click here.

News article about Varun Agarwal’s book adaption into a movie




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