The journey from victimization to empowerment

When she was a kid,
Dreaming was the only thing she did.
She had big dreams,
Which could take her to extremes?
Dreamt of studying inĀ  Harvard,
Was not a sign of a coward.
Her main aim was good education,
Which was her only passion?
Planned to become a doctor,
But her upcoming future shocked her.
Born in a PakistaniĀ Muslim clan,
Higher education was like a ban.
Being the eldest of them all,
Was what created a wall.
When she was 16,
And in her early teen.
She was studying in her room,
And her word turned into doom.
Her mother showed her the groom,
And there was nothing left to bloom.
The man was 28,
For her parents, it was a bait.
To her mom, she used to beg,
Sitting beside her leg.
She pleaded for weeks,
With red eyes and cheeks.
Trapped inside a house,
She felt like a small mouse.
When she saw her peers,
Her eyes were filled with tears.
Watching them go to school,
She felt like a fool.
In the year 1999, she was married,
Like a burden to be carried.
At the age of seventeen,
Nobody could ever feel so lean.
Gave birth to a baby girl,
Who was like a shiny pearl.
At this time,
When the baby was her prime.
The abuse got physical,
And she felt all quizzical.
She suffered child abuse,
Which she never choose.
Her body full of marks,
Released all her sparks.
The beating never stopped,
Her body felt chopped.
Thought of ending her life,
Feeling she wasn’t a good wife.
She had fallen into a pit,
Eagerly wanted to quit.
Her daughters made her realize,
She couldn’t feed them with lies.
So, she struggled hard,
Without getting barred.
Got a divorce,
After a long course.
Pursued her aim of education,
Which brought her to the next station.
After ten long years of hassle,
She has built a castle.
Her Wikipedia is full of awards,
Like the blessings from the lords.
Samra Zafar is her name,
Today, she has all the fame!!!

P.S – To know her full story as told by her, you can checkout this video link.

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  1. Ramneek says:

    I have never seen a person’s life story written in the form of a poem. And it’s so beautifully written! Good work!!

  2. Sumit says:

    True. If you are hardworking and deterMined then no one can stop you from achieving your dream.
    Thank you.

  3. Surbhi jain says:

    Wow you made a story into poem. Amazing!!!

  4. Gurpreet kaur says:

    I appreciate your work Sakshi…..

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