The Revival of stories with Supriya Paul

When the life was full of glories
Used to listen to the bedtime stories
Grew up to be a nerd
And her passion was unheard
Everything seemed out of the blue
She never knew what to do
After 10th she didn’t have a clue
In her life what to pursue
In a successful business family, she grew
Her parents thought her to be in a queue
Opted for science
Through her parent’s alliance
She wanted to disappear
When realized she didn’t belong there
Opted for other subjects
Which made the process more complex
There was nothing to be amused
As she was totally confused
Then she opted for accountancy
And again realized the inconsistency
Soon she realized she didn’t belong here
And her parents confronted her with a glare
She thought she was good for nothing
This thought kept her bugging
She always felt ashamed
Her parents never acclaimed
Started watching inspirational things
Which allowed opening her wings
Her name is ‘Supriya Paul’
And she bounces like a basketball
She pushed away all the rocks
And founded a motivational organization called ‘Josh Talks’
Connected the real-life stories
Which made everyone’s life full of glories
Revived the art of storytelling
Which became the hottest selling
She helped to connect people
Which has now become a sequel
Shobhit Banga is her partner in business
Together they have created a witness
That the world needs fables
To turn all the tables
She disclosed all the tales
With the profound details
Her aim was to follow her passion
Because it will never be out of fashion
They focus on conversations that matter
Where happiness leaves a scatter
They have shared more than 50 stories
Which are all full of glories
Her parents now respect her choice
Which is something more than a rejoice
From her, I learned to be sure
Because passion is the cure


P.S – Supriya Paul and Shobhit Banga have taught me to respect my choices even if I have no support from anyone. Because I alone can change my world if I respect and take care of my choices. 



Hey fellas! I am grateful to all of you for reading our blog. It is just a small initiative on our parts to light up someone's world. This blog is a medium of happiness for me and I'm hoping it becomes the same for you. Looking forward to your feedback and support.

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    Good and well written
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