From Bullying To Ruling The Kingdom Of Technology At 17


Nothing felt like heaven 

When he was in grade seven, 

He was a kid who was bullied 

For him, revenge became the need,

In his mind thoughts were clinking 

Which he together started linking,

So he thought of hacking 

The Facebook ID of the bully boy and began tracking, 

When the things didn’t work 

He felt some irk, 

In grade 7, he started learning programming 

Succeeded with the help of some cramming, 

Developed 7-8 software in a month 

Which left everyone stunned, 

Also created the facebook fishing device 

To take revenge from the bully who wasn’t nice, 

This made him understand 

That programming is something so ‘Grand’,

And he needs to take a stand 

Even if he doesn’t have a helping hand, 

Practised programming every day after school 

Which added spark to the fuel,

When he was in 11th grade 

He became sharp as a blade, 

Developed around 150 softwares 

Which never existed anywhere, 

He aimed to ‘Make, Publish and Repeat.’

Because there were some expectations to meet,

Now, he became the school’s famous kid 

In consideration of all the things he did,

Created ‘Webers’- A software website

With which his career took a flight, 

There were around 1.1. million downloads 

Which took him towards new roads, 

Developed a programming language called ‘Snick.’

Which was something so quick,

Also came up with an idea of multi touched table

Which made his career more stable,

He is also the co-inventor of ANT Table

His story is like a motivational fable ,

‘Drive Bud’ is his present project 

On which he is working to make it perfect,

Also a founder of ‘Hamp Hack.’

He’s surely on the right track, 

People know him as a coder, hacker, and professor named ‘Nirman Dave’

Who fought with his bullies in a manner so brave,

Focussed on using technology and helping society 

Nirman is famous for his kind personality.

P.S – Nirman Dave taught me to fight the battles wisely. 




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