A Billionaire’s Story!

Let’s start with what caught your eye to this article – the net worth of the guy which is 3.7 billion USD. Now you can either start counting the zeroes of this value of think about how can you surpass him. Mark Cuban has done something which every one of us keeps on thinking of achieving, which is no small feat. We face failures and that is it for us. It’s quitting time. Well, Mark Cuban did also face many failures which he took as challenges and thrived. And the result is now in front of us and so is his story. What we can do now is take a page from his book and really do something with our lives. All it takes a little initiative and buttloads of motivation. Oh and one more thing – to move ahead even in times of failure.

A Visioneer from Childhood

Looking at his fresh, charming and oh that face which shouts money, you won’t believe he’s just about to reach 60 this year. And what a journey he had! Brought up in the suburbs to a father who was an automobile upholsterer and mother who had a different job every other week.  So just another working-class family like you and me. Who could have imagined he would one day be a proud owner of NBA’s ‘Dallas Mavericks’ team which is the ninth most valuable basketball franchise in NBA. We see the normal future, the working class people will have. But what they need…what you need is a vision to move out of this chain.

Mark always had a vision, a business mind even as a child. When he was just 12 he wanted a pair of expensive basketball shoes. Now what we normally do is covet such things from afar and they just remain a distant dream. But what Mark did was to begin selling garbage bags to collect money. Even as he reached his high school, he did a number of odd jobs to earn an extra buck including becoming a coin and stamp salesman, running newspapers among others.

I hope the motivation would have begun seeping into your brains bit by bit. A girl can really hope you would do something with it. As he grew and did his education, he never stopped working. Mark paid for his own education. For that, he tried his hand in various business ventures such as a bartender, disco dance instructor, and a party promoter. All his life, he always struggled but never grew tired or gave up. He was a Visioneer through and through.  He graduated from Indiana’s Kelly School of Business and he didn’t even visit the campus first. Reason- well, it was the least expensive of the top 10 business schools, so no questions asked!!

The First Company

With the degree in hand in 1981 and so many ideas in head, Mark Cuban was ready to take over the world. And the realities of the world were right beside him. In 1982 he moved to Dallas, Texas where he began working as a bartender. After that, he got himself a job as a salesman in ‘Your Business Software,’ which was a software retail chain. But he was fired in just a year by the company. The reason was that instead of opening the store, he went for a meeting with a client in relation to a new business. He had been fired or he either quit from three straight jobs, so the timing was right to start his own company.

Not to be disheartened from being fired, he opened his own company with the skills he had gathered all his life and the help of some customers of his previous company. He called it ‘MicroSolutions.’ What the company did initially was assembling systems and reselling softwares. The eras of computers was just beginning and the businessman he was, he took full advantage. His company advocated technologies like the carbon copy, lotus notes among others.  After making the company such a success that he sold it in 1990 for $6 million. After all the taxes and everything, Cuban made $2 million approx. Not bad for the guy, right! And this was just the beginning.

Not Enough!

Not one to settle, he then along with an alumnus of his Indiana University, Todd Wagner, started ‘Audionet,’ which was an internet radio company. It all started with an idea when he wanted to listen to Indiana University sports from his home in Texas.  It started with a single server and an ISDN line. Mark just didn’t run the company, he made it so big from where he started it from that he sold it to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion.

Being a business minded person, that he was, Mark diversified his money into various fields.  He entered into the fields of production, distribution, theatres, television networks and not just that Cuban funds so many other startups. His presence is felt in the industry everywhere – from being the owner of a search engine to investing in high-end toilet seats. Cuban is also a successful author of an e-book motivating the world. The list is endless, the child who dealt with little money now deals with millions and billions and uses his business savvy mind every day.

That is not all, Mark has also been a successful judge of many shows including the famous ‘Shark Tank’ where he is one of the sharks looking for a good place to invest his money. Literally, the judges on the show are sharks, you have to knock their socks off to get their money. He has invested a total of $19.9 million in a total of 111 episodes. And the best part, he is richest of all sharks on the show as per November 2017 records.

Over the years, Cuban owns a film distributing ‘Magnolia Pictures.’ And no can ever leave out that he bought NBA’s “Dallas Mavericks” majority shares for $285 million.

A journey never finishes, it just grows bigger. Mark could have ended up working in a mill somewhere or as a carpet layman as his parents wanted. But look at where his dreams took him to. With his hustling ways from the childhood, people never had any high hopes for him. We can either listen to these people or prove them wrong. That is your decision!!!

It’s not all about money

Mark met his wife Tiffany in 1997 at a gym. Since then the two have been inseparable. She was an advertising executive and adjusted to Cuban’s lifestyle with quite a patience. And after a five-year romance, both wed in an intimate ceremony at Barbados in 2002. Now the billionaire couple teaches the lessons of hard work to their three kids.

The Man with it all

Mark Cuban started his life from nowhere and today people speculate for him to run for president. Such is the caliber of this guy. Whatever he has today – his family, money, businesses, awards, honors and so much more – he worked hard to get it all.

If he can, Why can’t you!!!!!

 P.S – Do you know he holds a Guinness world record. And he dances like crazy. Check out his stint in ‘Dancing with the stars.’



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