Let’s worship our origin!

Dear Mother, this one’s for you.

She is the heroine of my life,
And is also someone’s wife.
I call her my own champ,
Who takes me up the ramp.
My courage in bad days,
Who teaches me to struggle in new ways.
She is the symbol of love,
Just like the white dove.
Her divine soul,
Helps me achieve my goal.
Because of her I reach greater heights,
She is worth all the fights.
My solace in the dark night,
I know she’s always right.
We seldom tell her this,
Or give her a kiss.
That she is the best,
Incomparable to the rest.
Like the sun shines bright,
She nurtures us with all her might.
I feel so proud,
And say it aloud.
All her sacrifices,
Are not worth mere prices.
Taught me how to tolerate,
When fighting the fate.
Provided me the power,
To blossom like a flower.
She has my heart,
Right from the start.
When I look at her,
Everything else is a blur.
Because she is the shining light,
In the darkest night.
Full of peace and shine,
She’ll always be mine.
The strongest woman I’ve ever known,
She is my backbone.
She is my mum,
Without her, I feel dumb.
The lady with the heart of gold,
She is always so bold.
When my head touched her feet,
It felt so sweet.
Words are too less,
For my feelings to express.
There’s one thing which I can guess,
With her, I can clear all the mess.
She is my living God,
Now there’s nothing more to laud!!


Hey fellas! I am grateful to all of you for reading our blog. It is just a small initiative on our parts to light up someone's world. This blog is a medium of happiness for me and I'm hoping it becomes the same for you. Looking forward to your feedback and support.

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23 Responses

  1. Preeti says:

    A very heart touching poem

  2. Sumit says:

    No one is great and caring than mother.
    Thank you for this beautiful poem.

  3. Sumit says:

    Very beautifully written.
    Amazing skills.

  4. LUFY says:

    Amazing..very enthusiastically written.

  5. Anjali says:

    Well dedicated to the pure luv of mother♥

  6. Ramneek says:

    Beautifully poem!! Pure as a mother’s soul!

  7. Prachi says:

    And how I felt blissdom reading this ❤

  8. Gurpreet kaur says:

    very beautiful and heart-touching poem…

  9. Surbhi jain says:

    Best poem for mother.

  10. Erick rowan says:

    I am a guy from USA and I am the biggest fan of this blog I explored this website from YouTube while watching wrestling. Someone posted the link of this website in the comment section.

  11. Erick rowan says:

    Nice poetry skills

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