Ishita Katyal – The Child Author

Her spirits came alive,
In the year 2005.
At such a young age,
She stood on a stage.
Was only ten,
When she held the pen.
Ishita Katiyal is a TED speaker,
And also a tenacious seeker.
At the age of ten,
Was the youngest speaker then.
The first time she held the pen,
She shocked everymen.
Also the youngest writer,
Each day she gets brighter.
‘Simran’s Diary’ is her first book,
You should really have a look.
When there are so many things to configure,
For her age is just a figure.
Her book is for the young hearts,
And you’ll like all the parts.
Her confidence touched my heart,
She’s really very smart.
For people, her book is small & thin,
But she says, she has just begin.
She raised the curiosity,
With her luminosity.
That child should be asked,
Not about the past.
Or about the future to come.
Because it’s all dumb.
Ask about their present,
Which will make them feel pleasant.
She believes children are able,
For all types of fable.
From her, I learned,
That fame has to be earned.
One needs to fight,
To turn the blacks into white.
At the age as tender as hers,
It might take years.
To reach the main aim,
Which you can only claim.
She is the youngest star,
Who has gone so far!!!

P.S.- To listen to her line of thought, click here.



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