The Glorious Artist – Amitabh Bachchan

This one is the ‘Star of the Millenium’
Which will take you out of all the delirium
Came on earth in the year 1942
Everything I’ll say about him is true
Popularly known as ‘Big B’
He never failed to inspire me
People  call him ‘One man industry’
His life is full of mystery
Struggling at the age of thirty
He knew success was the key
Had 12 flops until that time
And it was hard to climb
Was diagnosed with an illness
Which denoted a sign of stillness
It made him pessimistic and weak
The opportunities became bleak
Made a comeback in 1988
Struggled at a rapid rate
Failed in his own business
The world was a witness
Was overburdened with loan
Which was out of his comfort zone
He lost millions
But, today he earn trillions
Amitabh Bachchan is the first living Asian
In London, he set up his equation
‘Tussauds’ modeled his wax statue
While Other Indian personalities were still in queue
Has the honorary citizenship of a French town
Nobody can pin him down
There are books written about him
Terminated the parts of life which were grim
He even wrote a book
There are various initiatives he took
Part of various NGO’s
Full of grace like a red rose
In Kolkata, he’s worshipped as God
Roads named after him  are very broad
Titled ‘Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian’
In life, he is a disciplinarian
He has the light that will never die
Soaring right into the bright sky
After him is named an ‘Australian Scholarship’
In Bollywood industry, he has the toughest grip
Was awarded the highest civilian by Government of France
Visit his Wikipedia page and have a glance
His bag  is full of awards
He broke so many records
He taught me how to rise
Even after failing many tries
He is the ‘Angry Young Man’
I am proud to be his fan
P.S- Amitabh Bachchan has inspired me since I was a kid. His blockbuster movies and talented skills never fail to mesmerize me.



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  1. LUFY says:

    He is truly a legend.

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