How the First Step can Change Everything?

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Eat, Sleep and Repeat!!!! If that is your mantra of life, then you bozo, its high time to give some meaning to your life. Life of a bear may sound amazing, but you are Homo sapiens and you gotta work to pay your bills. And what about those spur of the moment shopping or saving for your vacation days. Nothing comes cheap! I admit that getting a cave and storing food in this wintry chill sounds heavenly, however you gotta wake up, not just from your sleep but from the spell of your good for nothing life. It may sound harsh but harsh truths are the best. Being lazy and doing nothing can today be amazing but it will be your future that will suffer.

So, after all this lecture and life lessons which I’m trying to give you and which you must get daily from your parents are having zero impact on you. Then you Sir! or Madam!, most definitely need some help. So, today instead of any story I will try to give you some ideas on improving your lifestyle. If Edison could fail for 10,000 times and still try, J.K. Rowling to get rejected 13 times and still get her book published, or Steven Spielberg who got rejected twice to a film school still make Oscar worthy movies, or even Henry Ford who went broke 5 times before finally succeeding. I think you and I can both agree that to achieve something you have to take the first step and stick to it with dogged resolution.

We have talked about some people already in our previous articles, like Vincent van Gogh, Aranya Johar, Jane Austen, Hellen Keller among others. Through these stories we have tried to touch you in your minds that may help you take the first step which is the most difficult step ever. This initiative, if taken will take you a long way.

Do you know according to a research, it takes 21 days for a thing to become a habit?  So, all you gotta do is follow a routine for just 21 days, then your mind will take over and you won’t even need to try. So take out your calendar people. Can’t find them? No worries, your phone will do. But seriously, setting a small goal daily and following it can be your first step. You can take help from others to keep you in track.

So if you finally took some initiative and are a big disaster, Don’t worry! Albert Einstein’s beginning was also a dud. As a child, he couldn’t speak until he was 4 years and he even couldn’t read until he was 7 years old. Same was with Walt Disney, he tried to get his company started but no one would finance it. It was after trying 302 times that it finally happened. Beginnings can be rough, but its your perseverance that will take you forward.

Life has given us so many examples, and if you don’t follow them then what’s the use. All the successes and failures will be a part of life if you only try. And if you don’t even try, you have already sealed your fate to be a failure. And no one wants that and I certainly do not. So I can say that I will take my first step to do something today and not tomorrow.

P.S – In our life’s journey, it is us who have to choose the road taken or the one not taken.


The Mighty Athena

Hey Peeps, I'm currently pursuing Masters in English. And yes, as the blog suggests I too am going through the sad, confused, happy, exciting and adventurous part of life. I am writing this blog hoping to make a little difference in someone's life and bringing a little ray of hope into it.

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  1. Sumit says:

    True!! Do something with your life..just try hard then your previous day.. thank you richa for this wonderful writting.

  2. Gurpreet kaur says:

    thanku Richa for motivating me to stick to my goal…

  3. Surbhi jain says:

    How to stay motivated for those 21 days?

    • Richa Chhabra says:

      If you can’t do it, then find a ‘punch you in the face buddy’, who’ll definitely keep you in track. If that’s not possible then follow a reward and punishment method. If you are on track, give yourself something which you love; and if you are not, then give yourself a punishment like run for 2 km or give up your favorite food for a week. Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Prachi says:

    Loved it!

  5. Surbhi jain says:

    Do you really think running is a punishment??

  6. Ramneek says:

    Good going!! Keep inspiring!!

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