The Dauntless- Nick Vujicic


Not all are born with a disease like this

For some people, life is bliss

Tetra-Amelia is the syndrome

Which made him sit at home

Born on 4 December 1982

His arms and legs never grew

With no legs and arms

In this life full of charms

People made him a fool

And bullied him in school

He was lonely and depressed

Then, there was something he guessed

That it was out of season

To remain caught in a prison

So, started small talks

In the church with some folks

It was the way to empower

Inside him, it generated power

His efforts got double

After a lot of struggle

Now he is thirty-five

There’s something more to arrive

Founded a nonprofit organization

To bring up some modulation

Also a motivational speaker

Nick Vujicic cannot be termed a weaker

His company, ‘Altitude is attitude’

Is a secular motivational company to conclude

‘Life without limbs’ is also founded by him

Nick even knows how to swim

Worked hard as a honey bee

Earned a double Bachelors degree

Also a good storyteller

An author of a bestseller

A swimmer and a skydiver

Nick is a tough survivor

Married to the love of his life

Kanae Miyahara is his wife

Also a surfer and a painter

He’s  a complete entertainer

Taught me to live a life without limit

He is so lively in spirit

I learned how to fight

From his strong insight

It’s time to applaud

The strong believer in God

Since his story left me amazed

Nick will always be praised


P.S – Nick taught me to fight against all the odds. He taught me, even with all the flaws, we can live a life without limits if we are determined to achieve our goals.







Hey fellas! I am grateful to all of you for reading our blog. It is just a small initiative on our parts to light up someone's world. This blog is a medium of happiness for me and I'm hoping it becomes the same for you. Looking forward to your feedback and support.

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  1. Gurpreet kaur says:

    Amazing personality…

  2. Sumit says:

    Good. Well written.
    Really motivated by your writting skills.
    Thank u .

  3. Jasmeet says:

    Truely inspiring…

  1. February 11, 2018

    […] P.S-  To read his story, click here. […]

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