The Creativity of Living World!

When Nature inspires, something beautiful happens.


The darkness of the night,

Will never make you feel right!

So just ignore it for a while,

And standup with a smile!

Above you is the vast blue sky,

Which’ll take you very high!

Here you can fly and fly,

You’ll never have to cry!

Besides you is the deep blue ocean,

Acting as a magic potion!

It’ll help you dive down deep,

And there’ll be no secrets to keep!

Nature will provide you an adventure,

Making you understand all shares and debenture!

If you look beyond those forest trees,

You’ll find many opportunities!

Grab and lock them in your heart,

As this will help you create a future with art!

The living world is full of creativity,

And will help you find a connectivity!

It’ll inspire you in a better way,

Which will make you dance and sway!

You’ll identify a new passion,

That will not be out of fashion!

The nature trail will take you  far,

Making you a Superstar!



P.S – Do check out my other poetries by clicking here.



Hey fellas! I am grateful to all of you for reading our blog. It is just a small initiative on our parts to light up someone's world. This blog is a medium of happiness for me and I'm hoping it becomes the same for you. Looking forward to your feedback and support.

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14 Responses

  1. Sumit says:

    Well done sakshi ji..your poetry skills are also brilliant..thank you..

  2. Anjali says:

    Gud start up….w8ng foh more poetric stuff.

  3. Surbhi jain says:

    I just loved it. Doesn’t look like you’re writing for the first time. I expect more poems from you in the future.

  4. Ruchi says:

    Awesome dear …eagerly waiting for more …..

  5. Athira says:

    I absolutely loved it, the moment I heard it from u !!!❤
    Doing good Sakshi !

  6. Gurpreet kaur says:

    fantastic work Sakshi… you are a very good poet… hope to read more poems written by you..

  7. Prachi says:

    Loving your poeticize self.

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