Not A Superman, But The Padman- It happened in India!

His journey began when he was in class four,
There was nothing in his life to adore,
Was studying in a convent school,
When life made him a fool,
In a road accident, his father died,
Now, he didn’t have a guide,
His family was left with no money,
The days were no longer sunny,
His life was in doubt,
From school, he had to drop out,
His mother lost her charm,
When she started working on a farm,
For seven years, he worked in a factory,
And his job was satisfactory,
To support his  mother and sisters,
Which made his skin blister,
In 1998, he got married,
Now there was a responsibility to be carried,
One fine day, he saw his wife,
Stealing a dirty old rag for a better menstrual life,
This raised his curiosity,
Finding solution became his priority,
In 2000, he began his search,
However, nobody supported him in his research,
His first sanitary napkin was cotton wrapped in a medical cloth,
Thinking it might keep away the moth,
Asked for the feedback from his wife,
Who came after him with a stabbing knife,
Went to the girls in medical college for feedback,
Which he realized later was a wrong track,
For his dreams to fulfill,
He made some feedback forms to fill,
The responses again were not open and frank,
Which left him all blank,
For the short period of duration,
He terminated his experimentation,
Then he thought of a weird process,
Which nobody could guess,
Himself wore the pad tied to the bladder full of goat’s blood,
Though this experiment came to a halt with a thud,
Thinking it to be the last resort,
Made the process direct and short,
For analysis, Collected all the napkins that were used,
Then his mother caught him, and he was  accused,
He had nothing to say,
When the mother even took the sisters away,
It was not a plan made to drop,
His determination never made him stop,
Known for his cheap pad making machine,
There isn’t anything which is left unseen,
Succeeded in putting an end to the menstrual belief,
Arunachalam Muruganantham also explained the process in brief,
Created awareness about the unhygienic practices,
Gained respect from the rural women to the actresses,
‘Jayashree Industries’ is run by him in Coimbatore,
Due to which his life is full of glory,
Provided assistance to rural women in 4500 villages,
Now everyone is trying to spread his messages,
Was awarded Padma Shree in 2016,
For the menstrual man, he has been,
His life might not be a cake walk,
He also appeared in the TED talk,
‘Padman’ gained him the right reputation,
Which is a proud thing for the nation.


P.S – Arunachalam Muruganantham taught me that there is nothing called ‘Taboo.’ Everyone must know everything so that we can find the solutions together. One more thing which I learned from him is the ‘ Never feel embarrassed or guilty or shameful if you are doing the right thing with right intentions.’ Do check out the story in #padman where Akshay Kumar is playing his role. 



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  1. Gurpreet kaur says:

    ur poems are always awesome dear.. keep it up..

  2. Ehm... says:

    So, Indian people think it`s awkward to talk about something that has happend to every woman since the beginning of time..? Ok….

    Let`s ignore that for a moment and talk about something truly disturbing. Why are the pads in India three times larger than normal pads??

    I have seen lots of pictures of people holding up someting the size of a flag. We have pads here too, but they are small. Becasue why would you want a 5 square feet pad? Crazy stuff, they`re huge! Someone has made a mistake somewhere.

  1. January 25, 2018

    […] His upcoming movie is ‘Padman‘  […]

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