The Magic of her Poetry

Her overt thinking and opinions through expressions of poetry rocked the internet. She is young and vibrant. She is ambitious and flawless. She likes to add a touch of creativity in her poems. The audience swoons to her words when she recites her work. Some of her work of poetry has given Goosebumps to the spectators. This piece of my writing is dedicated to the girl who is struggling to change the line of thought through her poems and trying to generate issues, which irk people to talk about broadly, by means of her poems. She talks about gender discrimination, marital rape, menstruation myths, and much more. Not a proponent of feminism, but equivalence parity. According to her, if these topics are talked about openly, it will be a great aid to the society as well as the victims. It can save people from the bad experiences in their future, as this will create awareness among them. She is none other than ‘Aranya Johar’. She is a student of Humanities at Lilavatibai Podar High School currently in 12th standard. In the future, she would like to pursue something related to psychology or literature; however, she has not decided it yet. One thing constant for her is Poetry, which is her passion so it will act as a continuum. It is the only type of expression she knows. Her works include-

  • A brown girl’s guide to Beauty, 1.8 mil views, and counting
  • To India- With love, 122K views, and counting
  • Periods are nothing to hide/ A girl’s every month story, 32K view, and counting
  • Why die young?, 279K views and counting

Her creations have inculcated a change in the thought process as well as the mentality of the society. At such a young age, it is an amazing effort on her part. She writes keeping in view all the disastrous experiences of the people around her. Earlier, she used to feel helpless in various situations when she was not able to do anything for the people who have suffered or had bad experiences, so she started a way to bring a change by taking an initiative. Not into consolations, she believes in finding solutions and transformation. Initially, she thought that one has to write in a conventional manner along with rhyming schemes and other obligations; however, she soon realized that there was no such thing. Therefore, she expanded her line of thought to something more creative and boundless, something that had no limits and no boundaries. Since, now she has a larger audience she has to think about the whole mass, whether they will be able to perceive what she is trying to convey or not. In this way, she has to think deeply about their perceptions and their responses to her poems. She also does not believe in comparing her work with others, she thinks one can easily progress once he/she starts his/her work with zeal and enthusiasm. As per her, people have not yet understood the word “feminism”. She strongly believes that feminism is not something related to the empowerment of women, it is none other than the parity of all genders. Feminism, for her, is parity against disparity.  She thinks that the gap between the two shall be filled in an optimum way. She never criticizes a particular gender, as she knows that there are still some men who are helping to create awareness about the topics for which we think men are the one responsible. For her gender, discrimination is not the solution. Her philosophy categorizes the people into two parts – who perform good deeds and those performing bad deeds. For her, the people come into bad category, not just men but both genders. Believe me, you, if you listen to her poetries, you will be mesmerized by the choice of words and the impact, which her piece leaves on your mind, is flawless. One of the best things about her is that she is open to feedback. She appreciates all those people who disagree with her opinions as well because at the end of the day all she wants is to improvise her. She is a strong supporter of freedom of speech. So, she never demotes the one who tries to convey his/her opinions or views for her work whether it’s good or bad. She is also a part of blind poetry. Blind poetry acts as a group therapy for her because nobody can judge any performer based on color, gender, caste, race, etc. It happens in a dark room and the audience is given some lightning sticks to appreciate the works performed. There is no presence of connotation in blind poetry. In this, a person is free to talk about anything; it can be personal problems as well. Therefore, this makes Aranaya believe that blind poetry is an open way of expression. She underwent mental stress during her 9th and 10thstandarddue to her academics; however, she calls herself lucky for having such a family with whom she can share her problems. It was her mother who told her that academics are not the only thing in her life. This is the reason she believes that one should always consider talking about the issue, which is bothering you. It should never be a peek-a-boo thing.She even helped one of her friends out of a suicide attempt just by talking. Now, that’s what I call an initiation for transformation. She also believes that in case of mental stress, you just have to be careful while choosing your outlet for stress. The choice is the most crucial. The positive vibes can be attracted only if you choose positive outlets for stress such as talking to people, writing, dancing, traveling, reading, and so on. You can easily choose anything which makes you comfortable One big achievement for her was when she was on the TEDx Talks as a speaker. She is also a part of ‘Throwback Thursday’, which is a poetry event where she is the co-curator and she asks the new poets to read out their works to her. An exciting thing for her fans is that she is ready with two new pieces –Tea Time with Depression, which deals with the mental disorders, and Goddamn Millennial, which talks about the upsides of being a millennial. This 12th standard girl got up, took initiative, and today is an inspiration to others to do the same. She teaches us that it is the small steps, which will break stereotypes. She is trying to build a place where everyone feels secure, where the women are not afraid to walk on their own, people are not ignorant of the surroundings and men are not scared to speak up and people are good enough to talk.


P.S –Dare to do something that is direct from your heart and is not being told to you by anyone, that’s how we build a spirit of initiative. 




Hey fellas! I am grateful to all of you for reading our blog. It is just a small initiative on our parts to light up someone's world. This blog is a medium of happiness for me and I'm hoping it becomes the same for you. Looking forward to your feedback and support.

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  1. Manvir Singh says:

    one of the serious matter of our society,which is treated like a taboo .
    Good Work !
    Looking forward for more.

  2. Deeksha Dhiman says:

    We should not hide ourselves….if somethings are given by God ….we should not feel ashamed….
    Thank uhh sakshi for sharing this…..??
    Now it’s time to change our perception……

  3. Sumit says:

    Well said. Eagerly waiting for next one..

  4. Anmol says:

    Why die young when there are such inspiring blogs you haven’t read?. ?
    She never fails to amaze me with her poems.. Amazing words written by you ?

  5. Ramneek says:

    Great work!!

  6. Kumarika Dhawan says:

    Great work

  7. Surbhi jain says:

    Loved it?

  8. Gurpreet kaur says:

    good work Sakshi, hope to see more of such stuff…

  9. Diksha says:

    Beautifully penned down the inspirational journey of
    Aranya Johar.. Way to go gal.. 🙂

  10. Athira says:

    Doing very well Sakshi !!!
    Aptly penned inspirational post !❤

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