From Being A Chef, Waiter And A Peon To A Successful Actor

People know him with various names

He has set the stage on flames

Adored by millions of fans,

He had worked on various social plans,

His upcoming movie is ‘Padman‘ 

About society changing within the time span,

Popularly known as the action hero

His life started from zero,

Born in a typical punjabi household

This actor is very bold,

Rajiv Om Bhatia was born in 1967

Converted his life into  a heaven,

Dropped college in midway

Went to Bangkok to find his way,

Was trapped in financial crisis

Had to move on in life like this,

There were many odd jobs that he did

Never had any luxury as a kid,

Worked as a chef and a waiter

Had passion for something greater,

Was keen to learn martial arts

Gained respect in many hearts,

Also worked as a salesman for some time

Discipline for him is something so prime,

Then worked as a jewelry trader

Now it was time for something major,

Learning Taekwondo was his dream

And it struck him like a sunbeam,

It made him feel supreme

When everything else was so mainstream,

Began teaching martial arts in school

Which he thought was very cool,

It became his greatest tool

It was the field where nobody could make him a fool,

His students suggested him to try modeling

Soon he became the next new thing,

He is an actor, producer and a martial artist

Who is considered the smartest,

Never in his life he has missed the sunrise

He’s full of thoughts so wise,

King of comedy and action

Has reached the point of ultimate satisfaction,

Nothing remains a mystery

He has contributed a lot to the Bollywood industry,

Won the national film award for the best actor

His personality has an x-factor,

Was honoured with a Padma shree award

He carries his own sword,

Also worked as an assistant for his first portfolio

He is one sweet Romeo,

Worked as a peon for a year

It is was his passage of time to bear,

Also worked as a background dancer

When he had no solution or an answer,

Was also titled as the sexiest man alive

He struggled hard to survive,

Akshay Kumar is his name

 Inside him burns a flame.



P.S – Akshay Kumar taught me that forbearance, discipline, and hard work goes a long way.



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  1. Surbhi jain says:

    Never knew he was a waiter before an actor

  2. Rishabh says:

    I wished ur blogs lit up my world but intend they still left me in dark and I can’t find my way out can u help me ?

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